Social Media: Starter

Social media use in marketing has now become incredibly wide-spread, with promotion via social channels being evident throughout daily use of the internet. Social media is now so ingrained within marketing that it is clearly sticking around in the long term as a promotional channel, and is increasingly useful to businesses. With social media having such a big influence on consumer purchasing and perceptions of brands, nobody can afford to ignore it and leaving your social channels neglected increasingly means neglecting existing and potential customers.

The Benefits of Social Media Starter

Target your exact audience

Our teams use advanced Facebook targeting so that we only show your advert to people who will love your products or services.

Connect with those who count

Start gathering data on people who have engaged with your advert and then market your products and services to them again and again.

Conversion tracking

Track every view, every click and every conversion just by logging into your Facebook account – we’re completely transparent and proud of that fact.

How do I get in touch?

If you want to take your digital efforts to the next level you can contact us however you like. Fill in the contact form by clicking below, give us a call, or stop by for a brew. We aren’t fussy. We just love to talk about our work and how it can help you.

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